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Robin Good: Is traditional venture capital being disrupted, shifted and slowly modified by new forces? 

It looks like so, at least according to Semil Shah writes on Techcrunch, who writes: "...these forces combined, and each individually in their own way, have altered the landscape for traditional venture capital in software.

It is on average significantly more difficult to for traditional firms to find early-stage opportunities because there is more competition for those investments, and once a company does breakout and require more institutional funding, the prices for those rounds may not look like they have in the past."

The seven key forces at work are:

1) Amazon and its coud infrastructure

2) Angel Investors

3) AngelList

4) Kickstarter and crowdfunding

5) Y Combinator

6) “New” Venture Capital

7) Secondary markets

To find out more about each one and why they are disrupting traditional venture capital, please read the full article here: http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/28/the-seven-forces-disrupting-venture-capital/