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Robin Good: If you have been wondering how can it ever be that by giving things out for free people will buy more of your products/services, you must check out this great report on consumer adoption of freemium products and services. 

If it can’t ‘sell’ for free, can it ever sell at all?

From MarketingPilgrim review of the report by Cynthia Boris: "The free sample has been used to tempt grocery shoppers since the invention of the toothpick, yet many of today’s marketers are reluctant to give anything away.

Apps, ebooks, access — you gotta give a little and if you do, you’ll get a lot.

iYogi just released a new study and infographic all about the power of the Freemium model.

Their results show that 100% of the people they surveyed have tried a Freemium product and 42% have gone on to pay for it."

(Source: MarketingPilgrim)

Must-read. 9/10

Full Report: