Online Newspaper Paywalls: Paid News Subscriptions Rising | Online Business Models |

Robin Good: Interesting news from two of the large traditional newspapers with online editions who have been using a paywall strategy.

Things are going well. This is in essence what the numbers say, at least according to this short report by Dashiel Bennet on the Atlantic Wire. He writes:

"The New York Times and the Financial Times each announced big declines in overall revenue this week, as the media advertising business continues to struggle.

However, on the bright side, paid subscriptions to The Times' website continue to rise, even beyond what a lot of people suspected when The Times relaunched its paywall last year.

As a result, the paper now makes more money from circulation revenue — that is, people who actually pay to read it — than it does from ads. That's a historic change that flips the entire model of the newspaper business on its head.

Meanwhile, FT, which is one of the few newspapers to have an even more restrictive paywall than The Times, announced that for the first time ever they now have more online subscribers than print subscribers."

Informative. Well referenced. 8/10

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