Music 2.0: New Business Models Examples - Future of Music Coalition (2009) | Online Business Models |

Thanks to Gianluca Abbadessa who pointed me to uncover this valuable four-set presentation from Kristin Thomson of the Future of Music Coalition, looking at emerging music business models and specifically at the issues of sales (where unsigned artists can sell their music), compensation of artists, and distribution what channels can be utilized for effective distribution.

Even if this presentation dates back to 2009 it still includes highly valuable examples, case studies, resources and references that are as valid today as three years ago.

The video playlist is made up of four video clips in which you can see the slides from the presentation and hear the voice of Kristin Thomson explaining them. In total the four clips have a duration of about 31 mins and they will play in sequence automatically.

Check out also these two excellent companion PDFs:

a) Digital Distribution 

b) New Business Models 

Highly Recommended. 9/10