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Direct Distribution Is Hollywood Ideal Online Business Model

Direct Distribution Is Hollywood Ideal Online Business Model | Online Business Models |

Fred Wilson writes:

"Making movies is expensive and risky. I totally get that the studios need to make a lot of money on those movies to make their business model work.

But denying customers the films they want, on the devices they want to watch them, when they want to watch them is not a great business model.

It leads to piracy, as we have discussed here many times, but more importantly it also leads to the loss of a transaction to a competing form of entertainment.

...I am sure there was a time when scarcity was a good business model for the film industry.

...I understand their muscle memory in terms of the scarcity business model.

But restricting access to content is a bad business model in the age of a global network that costs practically nothing to distribute on.

I've argued this point many times with film executives. They insist that they need their windows. They argue they need to manage access to their films to extract every last dollar from the market.

That just doesn't make sense to me.

If they went direct to their customers, offered their films at a reasonable price (say $5/view net to them), and if they made their films available day one everywhere in the world, I can't see how they wouldn't make more money."

Rightful. 8/10

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How To Generate Revenue From Facebook Marketing: 5 Effective Strategies | Mashable

How To Generate Revenue From Facebook Marketing: 5 Effective Strategies | Mashable | Online Business Models |

If you’ve read any of the Facebook marketing case studies over the last year, you’ve seen examples of small business profits and boosts in ecommerce sales via Facebook sharing.


If your business is ready to move toward Facebook profits, your next question should be: “What distinguishes profitable and unprofitable Facebook marketing campaigns?”


There are a number of strategies companies use to do Facebook business effectively. Let’s look at five of them:


1. Advertising-Based Ecommerce:

Marketers can leverage the massive reach and highly customizable targeting of Facebook’s ad platform. The ads-direct-to-websites option is often overlooked, but can be immediately profitable.


2. Fan Marketing Ecommerce:

Some businesses have taken the radical step to start entirely new pages and use Facebook ads to grow a new and more targeted fan base. With their more sophisticated and up-to-date understanding of how to engage fans, they achieve better results than they had with their old page.


3. Facebook Ads and Email:

Many companies already have email dialed in. They know how much the average email subscriber is worth to their company, and they have an email marketing process that’s profitable.


4. Facebook Ads and Text Messaging:
As example, users can respond to a coupon for a product or service.


5. Generating Traffic to Your Ad-Supported Site:

If you’re a publisher or blogger, content is your stock in trade, and advertising is usually your bread and butter. Why not create a Facebook page for your site, grow that fan base, then post a link to every new article? This boosts traffic to your website....


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