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Robin Good: If you, like me, are a small online entrepreneur-publisher, not after venture capital, but interested in building a high-value information service that can effectively help people solve a problem out of your own expertise, know-how and passions, this article is a definite must-read.

Jamie Wong writes: "...the discontented worker leaves behind the “security” of a corporate job in favor of his or her passions--is a new and growing behavior in post-industrial countries, particularly in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

The media has named the growing trend toward micro-entrepreneurship “the Rise of the Creative Class," “the Gig Life," or "the freelance economy.”


...there’s one stark difference between micro-entrepreneurs today and the “Free Agent Nation” citizens of the late '90s: technology."


This new freedom economy is working because it’s good for economic growth, and it’s growing because it can lead to better lives.

But this technological revolution that enables greater autonomy and flexibility will also require a humane infrastructure to survive. (The article details which ones specifically).


"New companies that empower individuals to become micro-entrepreneurs not only stimulate the economy by creating new revenue streams and disrupting outdated models of business, but provide individuals access to more fulfilling, rewarding, and authentic lives."

Excellent read for individuals wanting to build a truly valuable service online to help others while creating their own sustainability.

Highly recommended. 9/10 

Full article: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679903/the-rise-of-the-micro-entrepreneurship-economy