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Robin Good: Citizenside is a French web startup which acts as a broker between you and potential buyers in the international media press, allowing you to contribute and sell images covering relevant news and events.

From the official site: "Citizenside sells all kinds of photos and videos to the international media: events, accidents, sports, celebrities, miscellaneous stories... Most often, images sold are those that have a close link to news events."

As a broker, Citizenside takes care of promoting your photos and of contacting media buyers on your behalf. In this way, not only will your pictures get exposure, but they may also get sold.

This is how it works: You send Citizenside your photo or video and after it is reviewed by an editorial committee, it is immediately presented to their clientele of international media houses. I

If your document is a scoop, then they negotiate the best price for you and provide you with up to 65% of the sale price.

If your document isn't considered a scoop, it becomes integrated into the Citizenside image bank after validation by our editorial committee, and is immediatly available to international media to be sold at a fixed price.

So, even images that are not "scoops" have commercial value for Citizenside as they can be still bought and used from the media.

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"For newsrooms, the appeal of Citizenside resides in the credibility it adds to the pictures, which it carefully sources and checks – which explains why the French news agency AFP became one of its shareholders."

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