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From the original article:

"Just before Thanksgiving, the PIXIES played a sold-out show at the intimate Music Box Theatre in Hollywood.

Were you there? Did you know about it?

Every single ticket to the show was sold by the band, via Topspin, direct to fans. There were no service charges, no print-at-home fees.

There was also no marketing budget to promote the show...

Fans found out about the show once tickets were on-sale (no lead up marketing, no advertising, no pre-sales), and quickly and easily purchased digital bar code tickets.

At the show, the door staff validated all 1,200 tickets with the free Topspin iOS ticket scanner, running on a couple of iPhones and an iPad. Easy. Accurate. Low cost."

Watch the video on this page: to get the full insight on this no-middleman approach to ticket selling from one of the Pixies band members.

Download the video: 

What Topspin does: 

a) Topspin media players stream high-quality audio and video, and can be played & shared anywhere – from websites and blogs to Facebook feeds and mobile phones.

b) Connect with fans via email, Facebook, or Twitter in exchange for free downloads. Analyze fan data and send targeted email blasts.

c) Customize a pro-grade online store with a few clicks, and distribute your offers across the web. Sell digital and physical media, merch, tickets, fan club memberships, or anything else you can dream up.

d) Topspin’s built-in fulfillment can ship orders anywhere around the world.

e) Sell on YouTube - see this video: 


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