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Online Business Models
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Scooped by Robin Good
January 26, 2012 8:29 PM!

Monetize Specific Parts of Your Public Content: Cleeng

Robin Good: Cleeng is a service that allows content publishers to monetize their content by placing certain sections or specific content items on their site behind a paid wall. Payments can be made in one-click and Paypal, major credit cards, SMS payments are all supported.

"Cleeng patented solution allows publishers to hide specific part of their content between two tags: for example a blogger can monetize an entire article or just a part of it, a novelist can cover just a few pages.

With Cleeng, you define which part of the content is available for users and the price for each item of content.


When published the content item is hidden behind a secure Cleeng layer on your website, so the page remains completely visible to search engines."

Key features: 


Find out more: 

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August 27, 2011 7:40 PM!

Content Curators & Content Owners Have A New Revenue Stream: BookRiff

Content Curators & Content Owners Have A New Revenue Stream: BookRiff | Online Business Models |

This is very exciting news, for publishers and consumers!


Intro:  "BookRiff CEO Rochelle Grayson explains how her company will open new distribution and revenue streams for curators and content owners.


Ever want to compile your own cookbook, travel guide or textbook? Has your publisher edited out sections of your book you'd like to share with interested readers? Publishing startup BookRiffaims to solve these problems by creating new ways to access and compile content.


In the following interview, Rochelle Grayson, CEO of BookRiff, talks about how BookRiff works and how it can benefit publishers and consumers. She says her company is based on an open market concept, allowing publishers to sell the content they want at prices they set and consumers to buy and customize that content as they see fit.


BookRiff will be featured in the next TOC Sneak Peek webcast on August 25.

What is a "Riff"?


Rochelle Grayson: A Riff is a remix of chapters from published books, essays, articles, or even one's own content. The concept behind BookRiff is to create an online platform that allows consumers and publishers to remix and to resell content, while ensuring that all original content owners and contributors get paid.

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