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In The Age of Attention Scarcity Content Curation Is a Revenue-Maker Because It Saves People Time

In The Age of Attention Scarcity Content Curation Is a Revenue-Maker Because It Saves People Time | Online Business Models |
Robin Good's insight:

How can content curation in a niche information area be monetized? Ask Joe Wilkert.

He writes: "There’s too much content out there anyway and I certainly don’t need access to even more of it. What I really need is more curation and less volume.

I want someone else to read it all and then tell me what I absolutely need to read.

They act as a filter and I pay them because they save me time and make me smarter."

The article points to the added value that traditional content publishers can offer their readers by opening the gates to community curators, who, by doing what they like the most, can bring back lots of more subscribers and attention to their brands.

"...There are sports experts, business experts, local community experts, etc. These curators are reading everything you’re publishing and picking the best of the best... They in turn publish their lists to a whole new set of subscribers; these readers pay for access to only the content recommended by the curator, not the full editions.

The best curators float to the top and drive more subscriptions than the others and you pay them a commission for each subscriber they bring in. Curators establish brand names for themselves, as in, “hey, if you’re into travel you need to subscribe to Bob Thomas…he finds all the best travel articles so I don’t have to.

But there's more, as Mr Wilker points out. The opportunities don't end there.

Rightful. Recommended. 8/10

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Brandon Meek's curator insight, May 6, 2014 11:38 AM

With so many great writers with great ideas, it only makes sense that we collect the things we find interesting and share them with others.

Scooped by Robin Good!

A New Model for eBook Publishing, Distributing and Earning: Screwpulp

Robin Good's insight:

Screwpulp is a new startup that wants to help independent book authors to get their books out there (in digital format), and... if the public likes them, to make also a revenue from their sales.

The business model is very interesting. It works like this:

1. Anyone can publish with Screwpulp and get an ebook out.

2. The first 100 copies of the copies are given out for free to individuals willing to review and rate the ebook.

3. The ebook now sells at 0.99 (or $1) until a thousand copies are sold.

4. Once a thousand copies are sold, price goes up to 1.99 until 10,000 are gone.

And so on.

Authors keep all of the rights to their works and retain 75 percent of the profit.

Find out more:

Free ebooks already available:*=free

Best sellers:*=bestsellers

More info for authors:

Mondfee's comment, May 23, 2013 8:26 AM
Thank you!
Yannick Mériguet's curator insight, June 11, 2013 12:18 AM

Un model de publishing qui parait très efficace. A essayer.

EZIA's curator insight, August 11, 2013 10:07 PM

With so many people trying to publish books, papers, memoirs - this new start-up may be the answer for getting your media to the masses.