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Optimal Business Model for the Future of Content Publishers: Subscriptions - Here's Why

Optimal Business Model for the Future of Content Publishers: Subscriptions - Here's Why | Online Business Models |
The half-forgotten subscription model deserves our praise and renewed attention. In the Digital Age, it has become more popular than ever.
Robin Goods insight:

An excellent in-depth article by Kent Anderson analysing the key advantages and benefits of the subscription business model for news and content publishers of all kinds.

Key advantages of subscription model according to author:

  1. Integrity of relationship publisher - subscriber
  2. Greater privacy for subscribers
  3. Drives and rewards innovation

The article cites and points to many relevant examples and companies which utilize a subscription model and are successful at it.

"The subscription model is allowing music publishers to compete with iTunes. It is allowing Amazon and Target to compete with grocery stores. It is allowing the Washington Post to reimagine itself. It is allowing editors to make a living selecting the best from the rest. It is your cell phone, your wearable, your streaming service.

The subscription model isn’t a relic.

It just may be the hottest and best business model around."

Informative. Insightful. 8/10

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chemical labus's curator insight, October 3, 7:10 AM

Scooped by Robin Good!

Customize and Accept Recurring Payments Online from Any Country with Peakium

Customize and Accept Recurring Payments Online from Any Country with Peakium | Online Business Models |
Accept payments on your terms, without altering your service, product or subscription model.
Robin Goods insight:

Peakium is a commercial web servive which makes it easy to customze and manage recurring subscription payments while allowing online sellers to offer multiple alternative payment solutions.

Peakium facilitates the personalization of subscription offers according to the specific needs of your service and customers.
Peakium is agnostic to the payment method and can connect to just any type of payment gateway available making it easy to accept payments in many other formats beyond the standard credit cards.
Price: $159/flat/mo
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Kasper Christensen's comment September 6, 2013 9:33 AM
Thanks for the scoop on Peakium, Robin!
Scooped by Robin Good!

Future of Books (and eBooks) May Be Via Subscriptions

Future of Books (and eBooks) May Be Via Subscriptions | Online Business Models |
The launch of eBook subscription service Oyster has set the proverbial cat among the pigeons in the publishing world.  Publishers and authors are frantically trying to work out just what on-demand ...
Robin Goods insight:

From the original article by Mark Mulligan: "Subscriptions are clearly the best product set media companies currently have for monetizing the consumption era.

For the music industry they continue to raise as many questions as they answer, but for books they might just be the ticket to genuine digital prosperity."

Here's a few reasons why:

Book Subscriptions Offer a Much Clearer Path to Additive Revenue than Music - because books take longer to read than a CD does to listen, authors and publishers should see greater revenue margins.

Per-reader value versus per-title value - If an author or publisher is simply think in terms of 1 sale becoming 1 rental then it is a net-loss scenario. But if just over twice as many people read the book then it is a net-gain scenario. The more people that subscribe and the more that read more books – the Consumption Quotient -the more likely that subscriptions will become additive rather than substitutive.

The author also suggests that the book industry has a key advantage in that it can learn a lot from the mistakes already done by the music subscription industry and can avoid repeating them by paying attention to a few key elements such as:

  • Transparency
  • Curation
  • Discovery
  • Pricing
  • Video and multimedia native support

Insightful. 8/10

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(Image credit: Subscribe road sign by Shutterstock)

Ghouti Kerzabi's curator insight, September 24, 2013 5:19 PM

Le lancement du Livre abonnement Oyster de service a mis le chat proverbial parmi les pigeons dans le monde de l'édition. Editeurs et auteurs sont frénétiquement essayer de travailler sur tout ce que la demande ...

chen kc's curator insight, October 9, 2013 11:40 PM like this video content...i like this....great visualise...subscription...?

chemical labus's curator insight, October 3, 7:17 AM

Scooped by Robin Good!

Subscriptions May Be a Better Business Model for Online Independent Publishers | Reuters

Subscriptions May Be a Better Business Model for Online Independent Publishers | Reuters | Online Business Models |

Robin Good: A good short article by Felix Salmon at Reuters Blogs, highlights the importance of looking with different eyes at how to keep economically viable an online publishing venture that operates in a vertical niche.

He writes: "Professional-quality nanopublishing has never really worked online, because the ad-supported business model can’t make it work. In a world of micropayments, however, everything changes."

"...a niche long-form science-journalism website is never going to get the kind of scale which advertisers want.

Big-name brand advertisers want to reach lots of people lots of times. They’ll advertise on blogs, which can get audiences in the millions, but they’re not going to advertise on a site which only updates once a month or even once a week.

In general, the amount of inventory online is growing fast, and websites need to be able to keep up with that growth or start seeing their advertisers fall away, one by one.

With subscriptions, though, the math is much more compelling: if you get 20,000 people paying a buck apiece for that story, that’s $20,000, with no sales overhead; most of that money can end up going to editorial."

Insightful. 8/10

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